Learning the ways of Motherhood

Is there a way to be a prefect mother? This question may cross your mind a time or two. For me it seems like I am not doing what needs to be done to hold up to the worldly standards of what a mother should look like.  I am Christian mother and would like to see and learn the different ways of motherhood. My plan is to take a journey to find the answers I am looking for and may God be glorified in this path I am taking.

This journey may take me awhile to figure out and I will have struggles, fear, failure, and doubt.  What is a mother with out this negative nature in today’s world? To me it is a mother seeking what is the right way to motherhood. A lot of this has to be through Gods help and prayer from others.

I have been a mother for two years and believe me there are some great days and not so great days. As a young mother I want to learn the ways of motherhood that works for me. I am starting this journey with an open mind and a hope that it will bring me peace as I walk through life.

I have decided to start my journey with a book. I have chosen to read through The Mission of Motherhood, by: Sally Clarkson. I am truly excited about reading through this book. The hope is it will truly touch someone life too and they would understand that we are not alone.

Each post I would like to leave you with a picture quote. Enjoy!



One thought on “Learning the ways of Motherhood

  1. Anita Decker says:

    Best decision. ..you have started your journey with God guiding you. Know that no one is a perfect mother and mistakes will be made. We learn and grow from them. Prayers for you and your family.


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