Building a Relationship 

I have really stuggling with coming up is a topic this week to talk about. This is where trusting and relaying on God comes in to play. It never fails that he will give me something to write about. So here it goes….I will be writing about communication and how words can hurt without you meaning too.

Most mom’s have to work, I know I am currently on of those working mothers. It is hard keeping communication open in the workplace, especially in workplace that has a lot going on and the staff has little training. I feel like this relates to motherhood. A new mom has no training. She just has advice given from other mothers whether good or bad. It’s up to the woman to decipher what advice  to take and what advice to throw out.

It is the same with your child, if you have open communication with them they will tell you everything. You will also know when your child is telling the truth by the non- verbal cues they give off. I am not an expert on this, but I talk to my two year old alot. I mostly ask question and hope for a good  response.

I can never remember a time when my dad never talked to me. He would always ask questions and I could never get a lie passed him. I felt comfortable coming to my dad with and stuggle I have. We have an open communication relationship. It has made us very close as adults. When a problem comes up in my life, my husband will ask if I have ran the problem across my dad. Most of the time I have already talked to him about it.😁

Communication with your child is important but also the words that you use can affect them as well. Sometimes it’s hard to use kind, gentle and sincere words when disciplining your child. This is something I struggle with especially when they don’t act the way that you want them to. It is not the child’s fault! They just don’t understand what you are asking them to do when they are two years old. The world is new to them and it is a way to discover what is right and wrong.  To be honest it is the product of sin.

Sometimes we need to put aside what is going on in the world around us and focus on teaching our children without yelling and screaming at them. (I really need to take my own advice) It may help by assessing the situation that is causing your child to act out and talk it through with them. Showing them to be loving and kind. Make it a teachable moment. I know it is hard to do that all the time. You can do it…I have faith in you!

 Sometimes we just need to lean on what what the word of God says about words that we use. It helps to pray for our children as well. That is all till next week.



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