Getting Back to Christmas Basics

Ladies let me tell you that Christmas time is so busy!!! I feel like I am running around like a freshly severed chicken. Shopping has been the worst this year. I have my list and no time to shop. I love to shop, not run on my lunch hour and pick up a gift here and there. With a toddler it make shopping more of a headache.

With 3 more days till Christmas, I can say that I have ALL my shopping done. The next task is to wrap or place in a gift bag with some tissue paper and call it good.

Ok just imagine me next year with 2 kids. Oh yes that’s right I said 2 kids! We’re expecting a girl in May! We will be naming her Mackenzie Marie Pearl Norton. I plan on writing a post later on about pregnancy problems.


Avery showing off his BIG BRO shirt

I feel like each year Christmas is getting more busy with shopping, activities, and rush around to get everything done. We didn’t get a chance to put up Christmas light outside our house this year. What is the point now? I will just have to take them done after new years.  The point is that I feel like I am missing the true meaning of Christmas and I got caught in the commercialize part of Christmas (which is NO FUN!).

So, some of y’all (*strong southern accent) reading this might think that I am going to start busting out a preacher sermon about how we should always act around Christmas time. I am not going to tell you how to act or how to be. That is your decision on how to keep up your family’s Christmas traditions.

Some of my Christmas traditions are my greatest memories. As a child I we would go see Christmas lights at Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma. On Christmas eve we would have the Christmas story read to us (which as a kid I was not into it but as an adult it is one of my best memories) , and  Christmas day  we had fun with family from my mom side.

I asks myself have I taught  my son the true meaning of Christmas. Has he heard the Christmas story read strait from the Bible. For me this year is to take time to share that moment with him. My hope is to carry on the tradition that my Grandparents have instilled in me but I lacked from the years. My mission as a mom is to make sure that Christ is present in our lives and home.

What is some of your most valued memories of Christmas that you have carried on? I love hearing stories!!!


You Have A Merry Christmas!!!


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