New Year to Motherhood 

Happy new  year to everyone! I hope this year will turn out great For YOU And Your family.

Do you make goals or new years resolution for the new year?

I always try to come up with some goal or resolution but I get it started. It seem to fizzles out like a burning candle with out oxygen. My plan this year is to work on being a mother that pays attention to her child when he asks for me. I want to be able to pour into him knowledge, kindness and love. I’m not sure what this is going to look like but I am ready for the challenge.

So many mothers today have never considered full-time motherhood as an option; they have never stopped to consider a choice their hearts are really longing to make.They are unprepared  a deep love and connection they feel to their babies whose lives begin in the womb.

The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

I really never thought of a full-time motherhood as an option before. Yes I feel like I do motherhood at full time and also hold down a full-time job. The dilemma of this task of staying home with my children has came up with in the past year. I have a lot to think about when considering this option. I guess this is where New Year’s resolutions or goals come in.

I don’t really remember my mom staying home with me and my brother. I know she stayed home to take care of us. My mom sacrifice a lot to stay home with her kids. She keep us  fed and we were taken care of. SHE STAYED HOME UP IN TILL I STARTED MIDDLE SCHOOL. My parents  lived off one income and I am just thinking that they probably gave up a lot of personal goals and dreams to give me and my brother an amazing childhood. I don’t know my plans for the future will look like but I know I will be putting my trust into God.

I feel like this year is going to be a transformation year. Transformation in being in the physical and in the mental state. This year will be adding a new member to our family. I will be learning how to juggle not just one kid but two. I feel like God has great plans for our little family and I can’t wait to enjoy them. I know God has open doors for the option for me to stay home.

I just want to make the right decision that will glorify God in everything that I will do.

For the moms that stay at home with their children, how do you do it without pulling out your hair? I’m pretty sure there are some good and some bad days. I guess you can say I’m really struggling with this idea. All I know how to do is how to work work work work work work. Did I mention work?

This New Years is a new start for a great adventure on whatever decision I make. The point is I’m a mother first. A mother who puts God first and relies on her faith while showing my son how to be a boy that love and wants to know who God is.

Make your resolutions or goals that can be achievable in your own life. To all my mothers have a great New Year.



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