The Struggle Within…

How does a mother handle a life changing moment?

Each mother/woman handles these life changing moments in different ways. Some of us struggle through it without showing what is really going on. For me in this moment of life I cry a lot. It must be the raging hormones. The point is that we all go through life changes, weather it is moving, new baby, or financial struggles. It does matter what it is we go through. We have to deal with it and we still have to look after our children in the swing of it all.

This past week my husband had got a job offer that would move him to a different state for six months. (this is why I am talking about life changes). This opportunity would help us financially and may open up for more opportunities in the future.

The down side of this is that he will be away for six months. He is my support system when I am weak. He is always there when I need help with our son, which is a lot when I can’t lift him. I am sure I will need more help the farther along I get in my pregnancy. I am also afraid he will miss the birth of our daughter.

I feel like I am being very selfish and to be honest I don’t want him to leave.  I have became angry and let my son see me it this state. I am mother that needs to protect my child. He does not need to see the trials that me and his father are dealing with.

I know I have told my husband that he should pray about this opportunity, but I have not prayed about this one bit.

God had made us to be wives to our husbands and mothers to our children. As a wife I am not being my husbands help mate for not praying for him and helping him with this decision.

“The role we have as wives is that of encouraging and helping our husbands. When we try to make it any more, or any less, that’s when we run into trouble. My mom used to teach a young married couples class, and I will never forget her most ‘valuable nugget’ of truth. She always told them that the husband is the head of the home, and the wife is the neck. The neck supports the head, and helps the head to fulfill its duties.”


As a mother I am not making a good example of showing our son on how a wife is called to help her husband and respect the decision that he will make. Motherhood is not easy and I am not always following what the Bible teaches us on how to raise our children.

I know if I give our problems to the Lord, he will protect us and provide for our needs. So this means I need a have a conversation with God and let him teach me to trust him. I know building my relationship with God through prayer over this situation will be a great life changing moment.


One thought on “The Struggle Within…

  1. mitzie says:

    TRUST TRUST TRUST ! Pray for the Lord to guide both of you in this decision. Rest in the arms of our Lord that God will guide you and Josh through this decision making time! When one door opens another one closes. There will be many opportunities for provision for your family, but you have to trust God to make that provision. Stand beside your husband as he trusts the Lord’s leadership. You have struggled before and you will struggle again. Did you get through it? Yes you did. Pray for peace in your heart for whatever decision is made. Know that I am here for you and am just a phone call away. I will pray for you and Josh! Believe me when I say I have walked in your shoes!!!!!!!

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