Ups and Downs of Potty-training

One step in motherhood is potty training. This adventure is just the beginning in my household. I feel like I strive for my child to do excellent, but I am learning this is not the case when it comes to potty training.

When people say that boys are hard to potty train I am starting to believe them. You can ask my son if he needs to go to the potty and if he says “yes” we take him. It seems when we head to the bathroom he goes toward the opposite direction. Does every child have this mind change? I feel like my son is being stubborn!

We have been potty training for three weeks now. This has been a hit or completely miss. I know it is going to take a lot of patience and me being humble to get the task done. I am one determine mother.

I have turned to the world of  Pinterest to get some fun and creative ideas to make potty training fun for both of us.  I would like to share these Pinterest finds with you.

Pinterest find #1:

I have found the “Potty Treats” to be a way to get my son excited about going to the bathroom. This was the first step in getting him ready to go potty. We only give him a treat if he does a #1 or #2 ( #2 has not happen yet) in the potty. This also gave him the opportunity to find a way to be a con-artist. It was not a week, I would take him to the potty and after he sat there he would hop down and run to his dad and ask for a treat. NOTE: We just started potty training and the “potty treats” were stored in the kitchen. It was a start.

My potty treat jar!

Pinterest find #2:

We had a potty chair that I had bought at a yard sale. I had it cleaned it up and set it in our main bathroom. I was hoping  that he would use it. OH, I was so wrong! All he wanted to do is take the tub out of the chair than to sit on it and do his business. I thought to myself, asked friends, and oh course I looked on Pinterest. I found this Pin on using a toddler seat. It has worked greatly and he actually sits on the the potty. I ended up using the potty chair as a step stool for him to climb up on the big potty.

I also took my son to Walmart and pick out is toddler seat. I told him that this is for you to go potty on the big potty. I wanted him to know that this was for him only and I wanted  to make it special, because this is a big milestone in his little life. He looked so big when he was picking out his seat. He ended up choosing the Mickey Mouse and friends one. 🙂

The potty seat my son picked out.

Pinterest find #3:

The potty chart has to be my favorite so far. It is a way to have some learning fun as  well as doing the potty training. In my case it was the only way I could connect with my son on his level. I let him pick out the color of poster broad and the stickers to use on it. He wanted the blue poster and the Mickey Mouse stickers. This was another way I made it about him.

When we had some time, I sat him down with the poster board and a box of crayons then we began to work on our potty chart. First, I wrote “Avery’s Potty Chart” as he drawled. I told him this is how we are going to keep track of how many times you use the potty at home.

Next.   Side Note: My son knows most all of his shape and can count to 15 without help. I drew circles then I a triangle. The circles are for how many times he has to go before and when he gets to the triangle on the poster he us awarded a prize.

We hung the poster in the bathroom so we can see the progress. Each time he goes he gets to place a Mickey sicker in a circle. This chart is only used at home. He gets really excited to place a sticker on his chart.

Pinterest find #4:

We have tried Pull ups but is seems like he would go before we get to the potty. So when we went to get the potty seat, I also had him pick out his big boy underwear. Of course he picked out Mickey Mouse underwear.  I have decided to use he underwear at home only. The times I have put him in the underwear he has not had an accident. That make for one happy momma!!!

As I said before this is an adventure, but it is adventure that every mother has to take. I am sure that if you have older kids you have some stories to tell. I believe each child is different and I am sure my next child these pins from Pinterest will not work. You never know.

To my new moms out there when you reach potty training time be patient and kind to your child. There are some creative ways to make potty training fun and learning experience you and your child. Remember this is part of motherhood. I will you with this picture quote. 

Good luck moms.

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