Worldly Expectations vs. God’s Design

Motherhood can be extremely excited and joyful time. Women are put on this earth to be mothers. We also get expectations of how we should raise our children. The world always has to put their two cents in. There is also a reality  on how God designed for you can raise your children. I would like to tell you the reality of motherhood.

My expectations when I became a mom was really high. I had a lot of advice from family and friends. I also did some research by reading blogs and books. I relied on prayer and reading the Bible. I think leaned on what everyone else telling me instead of following my heart and what God is leading me to do.

I am starting to realize that being a mom is lot more than what the world tells us. I am constantly juggling work, keeping up a household, and raising my family. Most of the time I am stressed out and exhausted.

The expectations of world tells us to have children and find someone to watch them while we return to the work place. For some people that is a must and I thought it was for me. So I took the unpaid maternity leave which at the time was a great idea because I had this thought of I can work full-time and raise my family. Plus, I knew we could not survive on one income.

God has blessed us with amazing person to watch our son and I am very grateful for her. I do feel like I miss out on the real joy of motherhood.  The more I take my journey and focus on what God has planned I see that he has open so many doors for me to take a hold of the joy of being a mom.

I am learning the ways of motherhood through a new set of eyes that is putting my trust and faith in what God says about being a mom.

Motherhood is one of the most strategic Biblical callings for women at this time in history. When a mother understands God’s design for her to raise a godly generation in her home, who can love and serve God and pass on righteousness to their own generation, there will be hope for that nation. Moral excellence, faith, emotional health, intellectual excellence and great works of mankind all stem from the home that wisdom builds as women embrace God’s call on their lives.

Sally Clarkson

In reality a mother play a big role in a child’s life.  I am consistently seeing my son seek for my approval on everything. I tend to focus on the task I have set in front of me instead of  focusing on what he wants to show me or tell me. I am missing the opportunity to instill in him the teaching what it is like to raise a child.  I know he is only two and most of you are thinking he is not going to remember the moments when you choose your task over what he was trying to show you. I feel like the point is the connection between mother and child was damaged because of being choosing what I wanted to do.

The connection begins in the beginning.  We do carry them inside our womb for nine months and that is a big connection between mother and child. From the moment you know that they are being woven together by God’s hands, God is also preparing you to take care of the child he has blessed you with.

I love reading the Bible verse in Psalms. David paint this picture in my mind of God forming a child in his image. Just like he tell us in Genesis that we are made in God’s Image. How great is it to know that we are formed by the hand of God? We as mothers are to teach our children to be more on how Christ loves us.

So lets put a side the expectations of what the world says about how we should act as mothers and get to the realty of what our purpose is according to God’s design.  This is our calling.

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