Throwing out Technology and More Outside Adventures  

How did we live with out technology? Can you remember a moment when we didn’t have smart devices?  We have screens everywhere! I see them in the kitchens  and bedrooms. I am pretty sure someone has a screen in there bathroom. Lets face it technology is not going away but why do we let it consume us? When is it a good time to  introduce technology to our children?

I know I have use the television to entertain my son when I went to the bathroom or put laundry in the washer or  dryer. I started letting him watch preschool prep. I feel like it upgraded his knowledge in shapes, numbers, and letters. It was a way to make learning fun!

The television was one thing but now he seeks for a phone. That opens a whole other paradox. He has apps that he likes and as soon as he see my phone unattended he is on the kids YouTube app. I feel like that is safe for him and I monitor what he is watching.   The tables turn when I say “screen time is over”. He gets mad and throws a temper tantrum.  I know he is learning so much with my phone but when is its too much. I want him to be a kid.

I remember when I was a kid I would spend a lot of time outside. I would run/fall down (Yes I was clumsy) and explore the world around me. I was hardly ever sick that I could remember. I had some of my best childhood memories were outside.

The woods behind my parents house was my home. I would pretend that I own a house and mud was my food. It was a fun time of discovery with out having technology calling my name every time I turn around. Those are the moments I want my son to have.

We did not have tablets and cell phones.  I have heard that our children mimic what we do as parents. I guess when they see us checking our smart devices every five minutes, they think it is okay to do so. We are their role models and they want to be like us. Maybe we should put down the devices and head outside.

Kids need to be kids with fun, messes, and exploring time. The imagination of kid is a great thing. I feel like technology can hinder the imagination. When you set a child in front of a screen they become a zombie and there is no active movement. Moms we need to change the course of our screen watching zombie children and get them moving.

It was nice this weekend that my husband and I took advantage of outside. We play in very mole mound in our yard. It was dirt and I let him get dirty. It was fun and he enjoyed himself. Our son loved exploring so much he cried because he did not want to go inside.

I love programs that get kids moving and encouraging  having fun. Play 60 that the NFL puts on is a great example of getting get the kids moving. Kids will be more active and have more creative in their minds. Plus as a mom they will have used all their energy playing. It will be easy to get them to go to bed.

play is the highest form of research:

I  am not a hater of technology. I just want to know what to do to find a happy medium. How do moms work out a plan to keep your children active?

Please let me know in the comments below.



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