Sickness has a life Lesson

When you see your child vomit it is the worst feeling in the world. You want to help them and somehow take away their pain. This is what I experienced the last 2 days. The sickness is all around me. My child and my husband were sick at the same time. So what does this mom do when the universe throws the virus bug at you? Well you put on some rubber gloves and start to clean.

Well I start day one out washing the bedding and cleaning the bathrooms. I felt like those two place was the most germ infested areas of my home. More on my cleaning process later…

My son still had some energy to play cowboy!

I am thankful that I have not gotten that stomach bug. I am very determined to sanitize everything in my home. I took the role of a hazmat mom and germs are not going to come near me. I couldn’t  get to crazy with chemical cleaning  because I am pregnant.

Hardcore cleaning is not my favorite thing to do but sometimes it has to get done. Mother’s job to her home is never done especially if your love ones are not feeling well. I feel like I got my home clean enough that I can breathe easily.

I’ve told you that I started out by cleaning the bedding and the bathrooms. Let me tell you that was a chore. When my son started vomiting on Thursday evening I thought to myself is this ever going to stop. He has when puked on three pillows, two comforters, two fitted sheets, and one fitted mattress pad. I knew this night was going to be a long night.  It felt like as soon as I drifted to sleep he would start vomiting. After about the fifth time, I had no more bedding and I really could use the rest. By the end of it me, my husband, and our son was ready to camp out in the living room for the night.

I put the mattress pad in the washer and went back to holding my son. I am not sure who put the mattress pad in the dryer because I was dosing in and out. Mostly I was thinking that motherhood is a hard job and I had to work in the morning. It was about three in the morning when drying dinged. The mattress pad was done drying and I can put it on my bed. Yay! I was like really for that comfortable rest.

I was dragging all day at work but all I could think about my son and how was he doing. He woke up Friday morning full of energy at six am on the dot. He was jumping our bed waking me up and I thought maybe this was all a dream. Then I realized the smelly bedding and towels on the floor.

Later that night my husband got sick and on Saturday my son started vomiting again.  I was like oh NO this is not going to hit me.  I mix water,  bleach, and some dawn soap in my shampooer and head to the bedroom. I took of the mattress pad and cleaned my mattress. I also sanitized every light switch and door knob in the entire house.

Moms I could not have done this when I was a single person. I wanted to clean up the mess to help my child and my husband get better. Being a mother is way more than a title. It is having a servants heart to care for your loved ones. You do it because you love them. Sometime it sucks to see your child get sick but helping them overcoming it by serving them is way worth it.

In learning to be a mother with a servants heart make be so more joyful. I am still learning the ways of motherhood one day at a time.

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