The Heartbreak Moment 

Mommies I hope you had an awesome  spring break. I know I did! It is hard getting back into a routine after being off for a whole week. I am still not back in to the swing of things, but I still have to be a mom and take care of my family.

The weather has been nice in Oklahoma but it has took a toll on my allergies. I have been hacking’ and coughing trying to get this yucky-ness  out of my system. With all the allergies and lack of sleep, I have been moody and emotional. Your children play on those emotions.

As a mom you have moments that stand out in your mind. Some moments are grand and some of them you wish you have done things differently. In both cases you learn to grow and adapt on your ways to be a better mom for your children. This week I have experience a heartbreak moment between me and my son.

So before I getting into the details of the heartbreak moment with my son, I need to give some backstory that lead up to this moment. During spring break my son got in to a bed of fire ants. I believe the fire ants won that battle with my son’s right hand. We doctored it all week but we ended up taking him to the emergency room because on the last day of our stay with my parents his hand had swollen up to the size of a baseball and plus he broke out in a rash.

The doctor put him on steroids and antibiotic for the infection that might be in his hand. NOTE: The hand has went down and it almost back to normal. YAY! 

For moms that had to give your child a dose of steroids you know that it makes them CRAZY. My son has been bouncing off the walls. Not to mention his emotions going from happy to raging fit in less than a blink of your eyes. It seems like went I tell him to do something he does the opposite. It really does help when your vocal cords are being over taking by allergies. You still have to be a MOM.

Last Tuesday was a rough day for the both of us. My son was wanting his dad and he was crying at the bathroom door. I tried to calm him down but it did not help at all. He bit me instead. So mom bit him back and gave him a pat on the behind. I make him mad. My son was screaming and hitting me all because he wanted his dad.

My husband hurried out of the bathroom to check on us. All three of us set in the hallway and my heart was breaking because one I did not feel good and secondly I had to discipline my son.

I think my husband handle the moment a lot better than I did. He made our son apologize to me. It was the most sweet the most innocent apology I have ever experience. The words “I’m sorry Mommy” had really ripped my heart out.

The moment did not stop there. I was waterfall of emotions and my compassionate loving son seen those emotions. Then he put is sweet little hand on my cheeks and said, “it okay mommy.” We were both in tears and the we said our I Love you’s and the moment had passed.

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I was shown the bond between mother and child is very strong. As a mom you always want the best and see the best in your child. When you see them doing wrong and you discipline them.  It is heartbreaking but, it will make the grow to a well behaved adult.


I am still learning the ways of motherhood. I am sure that there will be many more heartbreak moments in the future.

Mommies, what are some heartbreaking moments that stuck with you?



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