About Me

Hello! My name is Alisha Norton. I am a young educated mother that is seeking what her role may be in this confusing life.

I am one thankful mother and wife. I do stuggle with juggling work and home life. My goal is to follow the path God has laid out for me. Sometimes it is unclear and I have to trun to his word and prayer for guidance.  I am learning what a biblical design of motherhood looks like. It is a model that I am leaning towards. Hopefully I can do it full-time. This will mean to put my children first and my worldly work will come second. I want my children to know that there mom taught them how to love like Christ loves us.

I am married to a man whose makes me laugh all the time. He loves Bible history and once he starts talking about it…it is hard to get him to stop. He loves hanging out with our son. He is down to earth and love us very much.

We have a son. He is like his dad in a lot of ways. He is very bright and very good looking. He learned his ABCs very fast and he’s only two. I am one proud mom and I’m glad to be his mom.

In May we will be expecting a little girl. Which we are thrilled about. We hope for a safe delivery of a healthy baby girl.