The Heartbreak Moment 

Mommies I hope you had an awesome  spring break. I know I did! It is hard getting back into a routine after being off for a whole week. I am still not back in to the swing of things, but I still have to be a mom and take care of my family.

The weather has been nice in Oklahoma but it has took a toll on my allergies. I have been hacking’ and coughing trying to get this yucky-ness  out of my system. With all the allergies and lack of sleep, I have been moody and emotional. Your children play on those emotions.

As a mom you have moments that stand out in your mind. Some moments are grand and some of them you wish you have done things differently. In both cases you learn to grow and adapt on your ways to be a better mom for your children. This week I have experience a heartbreak moment between me and my son.

So before I getting into the details of the heartbreak moment with my son, I need to give some backstory that lead up to this moment. During spring break my son got in to a bed of fire ants. I believe the fire ants won that battle with my son’s right hand. We doctored it all week but we ended up taking him to the emergency room because on the last day of our stay with my parents his hand had swollen up to the size of a baseball and plus he broke out in a rash.

The doctor put him on steroids and antibiotic for the infection that might be in his hand. NOTE: The hand has went down and it almost back to normal. YAY! 

For moms that had to give your child a dose of steroids you know that it makes them CRAZY. My son has been bouncing off the walls. Not to mention his emotions going from happy to raging fit in less than a blink of your eyes. It seems like went I tell him to do something he does the opposite. It really does help when your vocal cords are being over taking by allergies. You still have to be a MOM.

Last Tuesday was a rough day for the both of us. My son was wanting his dad and he was crying at the bathroom door. I tried to calm him down but it did not help at all. He bit me instead. So mom bit him back and gave him a pat on the behind. I make him mad. My son was screaming and hitting me all because he wanted his dad.

My husband hurried out of the bathroom to check on us. All three of us set in the hallway and my heart was breaking because one I did not feel good and secondly I had to discipline my son.

I think my husband handle the moment a lot better than I did. He made our son apologize to me. It was the most sweet the most innocent apology I have ever experience. The words “I’m sorry Mommy” had really ripped my heart out.

The moment did not stop there. I was waterfall of emotions and my compassionate loving son seen those emotions. Then he put is sweet little hand on my cheeks and said, “it okay mommy.” We were both in tears and the we said our I Love you’s and the moment had passed.

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I was shown the bond between mother and child is very strong. As a mom you always want the best and see the best in your child. When you see them doing wrong and you discipline them.  It is heartbreaking but, it will make the grow to a well behaved adult.


I am still learning the ways of motherhood. I am sure that there will be many more heartbreak moments in the future.

Mommies, what are some heartbreaking moments that stuck with you?



One Journaling Mommy 

Hey Mommies!!!
So it has taken me a few days to get a post together. I had decided to take a few days of and do some spring break things with my family. I guess you can say I am on location. Believe me it was well worth it!!! 

We didn’t travel very far we just went to my parents and the in-laws for the week. My dad had surgery so I though I could help out around the house but I don’t think I have been much help. I guess it is the point of being there for my family. Love the opportunity to get to see my family. I with living 2 hours away and with busy schedule it is hard to get to spend time with them. Does anyone else have the dilemma of visiting family?

While on my mini vacation I have gotten some well need rest and have branched into creative Bible journaling. Most of the time I get drain by chasing my son around and do not have time to do something to fuel my soul. Yes playing with my son does give me joy and lifts my spirits. Sometimes as a mommy you need something to do on your own. Believe me it will clear your mind and you will feel refreshed. 

My creative Bible journaling is extremely exciting and a way for me to spend time in God’s word.

The past month I have been praying and debating on starting this journey. I have research the journaling Bibles, journaling tools and relied on Pinterest to help me make my decision. Luckily for my birthday my husband had took me to pick out my Bible for my journaling. I had some  Crayola Twistable crayons and some map pencils. I was ready to get started.

I have start with just on verse per day. 
The work I have done so far….

I have really enjoyed doing this creative Bible journaling. It has also been a way to witness to the people around me. My plan is to show my kids when they get a little older.

I have been posting them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you would like to follow me on this journey you can look me up on the following social media networks.

Instagram and twitter: @alishaoneme

Pinterest: Alisha Marie Loyd-Norton 

Busy kids for long road trips!

This past weekend we took a little road trip to visit family. It was well needed and worth it because its been since Christmas since I’ve seen my family. Plus my husband was gone and it was a good time to get away. I am learning ways to entertain a toddler while driving long distances.

There is some planning for long distance trips. You need to stay focused on the road while your child is hang out in their safety seat. Packing some activities and snacks for them to stay busy is key.

Some suggestions are:

  • Books
  • Tablet that has mom approved apps
  • Toys that have no sound (it can wear on the nerves)
  • Blanket
  • Snacks like crackers, fruit snacks, and chips
  • Water (because we don’t want a sticky mess to clean up)

Music is number one on my list. It was a good time to break out the Disney theme songs. It gives this mommy a great opportunity to belt out to Under the Sea by The Little Mermaid. It is okay if the other drivers around you are laughing at you. You get a sense of being a kid yourself.

If the music does not work you can always make funny faces in the rear view mirror. This only works if you have a front facing child. I suggest that it is also limited to taffic lights and stop signs. I do want to make the car ride to be safe for everyone.

Happy car ride makes for a fun journey for everyone. I feel like if your kids have things to do you will not be stress while driving. I am  sure there are tons of ideas to keep the kiddos entertain while you get to your destination.

What are some things you do when you are on a road trip?

Busy mom with no writing time

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It has been a long week for this little mommy. You don’t realize how tired I am. Chasing a toddler and growing a human. Experiencing a one parent household is hard. I give praise to the moms that to it every day. They work and raise their children all on there own. I understand and so thankful for my husband and what he does for us.

My husband is gone away for his job, so me and my son are at home. Let me tell you I work during the day and when I get home I want to rest.

There are things that need to be taking care of at home. Dinner is number one. It has been hard to cook for one and a toddler. What ends up happening is that I fix my son something and I just eat what he is having or we go out to eat. Besides eating… there is clean up that need to be done and dishes need to be washed. Don’t forget to do the laundry and pick up the messy living room from the collection of toys that have made the living room their home. I cry and throw my own pity party and get my son ready for bed. We have been doing face time with dad but by the time we get done with that light are out then we both pass out.

I know this is a short post but it is what it is. This mommy has a lot to do and prayer is always needed.

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What do you do in one parent households? How do you juggle it all?

Motherhood is grand! Please post your thoughts.

Sickness has a life Lesson

When you see your child vomit it is the worst feeling in the world. You want to help them and somehow take away their pain. This is what I experienced the last 2 days. The sickness is all around me. My child and my husband were sick at the same time. So what does this mom do when the universe throws the virus bug at you? Well you put on some rubber gloves and start to clean.

Well I start day one out washing the bedding and cleaning the bathrooms. I felt like those two place was the most germ infested areas of my home. More on my cleaning process later…

My son still had some energy to play cowboy!

I am thankful that I have not gotten that stomach bug. I am very determined to sanitize everything in my home. I took the role of a hazmat mom and germs are not going to come near me. I couldn’t  get to crazy with chemical cleaning  because I am pregnant.

Hardcore cleaning is not my favorite thing to do but sometimes it has to get done. Mother’s job to her home is never done especially if your love ones are not feeling well. I feel like I got my home clean enough that I can breathe easily.

I’ve told you that I started out by cleaning the bedding and the bathrooms. Let me tell you that was a chore. When my son started vomiting on Thursday evening I thought to myself is this ever going to stop. He has when puked on three pillows, two comforters, two fitted sheets, and one fitted mattress pad. I knew this night was going to be a long night.  It felt like as soon as I drifted to sleep he would start vomiting. After about the fifth time, I had no more bedding and I really could use the rest. By the end of it me, my husband, and our son was ready to camp out in the living room for the night.

I put the mattress pad in the washer and went back to holding my son. I am not sure who put the mattress pad in the dryer because I was dosing in and out. Mostly I was thinking that motherhood is a hard job and I had to work in the morning. It was about three in the morning when drying dinged. The mattress pad was done drying and I can put it on my bed. Yay! I was like really for that comfortable rest.

I was dragging all day at work but all I could think about my son and how was he doing. He woke up Friday morning full of energy at six am on the dot. He was jumping our bed waking me up and I thought maybe this was all a dream. Then I realized the smelly bedding and towels on the floor.

Later that night my husband got sick and on Saturday my son started vomiting again.  I was like oh NO this is not going to hit me.  I mix water,  bleach, and some dawn soap in my shampooer and head to the bedroom. I took of the mattress pad and cleaned my mattress. I also sanitized every light switch and door knob in the entire house.

Moms I could not have done this when I was a single person. I wanted to clean up the mess to help my child and my husband get better. Being a mother is way more than a title. It is having a servants heart to care for your loved ones. You do it because you love them. Sometime it sucks to see your child get sick but helping them overcoming it by serving them is way worth it.

In learning to be a mother with a servants heart make be so more joyful. I am still learning the ways of motherhood one day at a time.

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Throwing out Technology and More Outside Adventures  

How did we live with out technology? Can you remember a moment when we didn’t have smart devices?  We have screens everywhere! I see them in the kitchens  and bedrooms. I am pretty sure someone has a screen in there bathroom. Lets face it technology is not going away but why do we let it consume us? When is it a good time to  introduce technology to our children?

I know I have use the television to entertain my son when I went to the bathroom or put laundry in the washer or  dryer. I started letting him watch preschool prep. I feel like it upgraded his knowledge in shapes, numbers, and letters. It was a way to make learning fun!

The television was one thing but now he seeks for a phone. That opens a whole other paradox. He has apps that he likes and as soon as he see my phone unattended he is on the kids YouTube app. I feel like that is safe for him and I monitor what he is watching.   The tables turn when I say “screen time is over”. He gets mad and throws a temper tantrum.  I know he is learning so much with my phone but when is its too much. I want him to be a kid.

I remember when I was a kid I would spend a lot of time outside. I would run/fall down (Yes I was clumsy) and explore the world around me. I was hardly ever sick that I could remember. I had some of my best childhood memories were outside.

The woods behind my parents house was my home. I would pretend that I own a house and mud was my food. It was a fun time of discovery with out having technology calling my name every time I turn around. Those are the moments I want my son to have.

We did not have tablets and cell phones.  I have heard that our children mimic what we do as parents. I guess when they see us checking our smart devices every five minutes, they think it is okay to do so. We are their role models and they want to be like us. Maybe we should put down the devices and head outside.

Kids need to be kids with fun, messes, and exploring time. The imagination of kid is a great thing. I feel like technology can hinder the imagination. When you set a child in front of a screen they become a zombie and there is no active movement. Moms we need to change the course of our screen watching zombie children and get them moving.

It was nice this weekend that my husband and I took advantage of outside. We play in very mole mound in our yard. It was dirt and I let him get dirty. It was fun and he enjoyed himself. Our son loved exploring so much he cried because he did not want to go inside.

I love programs that get kids moving and encouraging  having fun. Play 60 that the NFL puts on is a great example of getting get the kids moving. Kids will be more active and have more creative in their minds. Plus as a mom they will have used all their energy playing. It will be easy to get them to go to bed.

play is the highest form of research:

I  am not a hater of technology. I just want to know what to do to find a happy medium. How do moms work out a plan to keep your children active?

Please let me know in the comments below.


Worldly Expectations vs. God’s Design

Motherhood can be extremely excited and joyful time. Women are put on this earth to be mothers. We also get expectations of how we should raise our children. The world always has to put their two cents in. There is also a reality  on how God designed for you can raise your children. I would like to tell you the reality of motherhood.

My expectations when I became a mom was really high. I had a lot of advice from family and friends. I also did some research by reading blogs and books. I relied on prayer and reading the Bible. I think leaned on what everyone else telling me instead of following my heart and what God is leading me to do.

I am starting to realize that being a mom is lot more than what the world tells us. I am constantly juggling work, keeping up a household, and raising my family. Most of the time I am stressed out and exhausted.

The expectations of world tells us to have children and find someone to watch them while we return to the work place. For some people that is a must and I thought it was for me. So I took the unpaid maternity leave which at the time was a great idea because I had this thought of I can work full-time and raise my family. Plus, I knew we could not survive on one income.

God has blessed us with amazing person to watch our son and I am very grateful for her. I do feel like I miss out on the real joy of motherhood.  The more I take my journey and focus on what God has planned I see that he has open so many doors for me to take a hold of the joy of being a mom.

I am learning the ways of motherhood through a new set of eyes that is putting my trust and faith in what God says about being a mom.

Motherhood is one of the most strategic Biblical callings for women at this time in history. When a mother understands God’s design for her to raise a godly generation in her home, who can love and serve God and pass on righteousness to their own generation, there will be hope for that nation. Moral excellence, faith, emotional health, intellectual excellence and great works of mankind all stem from the home that wisdom builds as women embrace God’s call on their lives.

Sally Clarkson

In reality a mother play a big role in a child’s life.  I am consistently seeing my son seek for my approval on everything. I tend to focus on the task I have set in front of me instead of  focusing on what he wants to show me or tell me. I am missing the opportunity to instill in him the teaching what it is like to raise a child.  I know he is only two and most of you are thinking he is not going to remember the moments when you choose your task over what he was trying to show you. I feel like the point is the connection between mother and child was damaged because of being choosing what I wanted to do.

The connection begins in the beginning.  We do carry them inside our womb for nine months and that is a big connection between mother and child. From the moment you know that they are being woven together by God’s hands, God is also preparing you to take care of the child he has blessed you with.

I love reading the Bible verse in Psalms. David paint this picture in my mind of God forming a child in his image. Just like he tell us in Genesis that we are made in God’s Image. How great is it to know that we are formed by the hand of God? We as mothers are to teach our children to be more on how Christ loves us.

So lets put a side the expectations of what the world says about how we should act as mothers and get to the realty of what our purpose is according to God’s design.  This is our calling.

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